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Like most things in life, the best option for you might not always be the better option for another.  Our approach to health of course, is really no different.

Depending on whether we approach our health consciously or not, can determine whether we decide to take a reactive or proactive approach to our health. An example of this would be someone told they need to exercise and eat healthier because they were prediabetic or at risk of a cardiovascular incident. As opposed to someone already living a healthful live with regular exercise and a healthy diet to proactively reduce the risk of these events occurring in the first place.

When it comes to Chiropractic care, our Geelong chiropractors find there are typically 3 ways most of our clients use our services. Which approach they take usually depends on their level of health awareness, their goals and individual preferences.

Different approaches to Chiropractic care

+ Relief Care +

This is the option for people that are wanting more of a shorter term solution, usually aimed at getting quick symptom relief. We have plenty of strategies available to get these outcomes.

This approach may include multiple sessions per week to get the body back on track.


+ Preventative Care +

This option is for people wanting a longer term solution for their condition, often addressing underlying weakness or imbalances that may be contributing to the symptoms or issue at hand. This approach often requires more time and effort, however it can help minimise the risk of reoccurrence.

Most people receive care on a two to four week basis with this approach.


+ Performance Care +

Should they chose, this option is for people wanting more regular/periodic Chiropractic visits to not only reduce the risk of these issues coming back but ultimately, to enable our bodies to move, feel and function at its best.

Most people receive care on a one to two week basis with this approach.


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