What To Expect

What To Expect

Your First Visit

A comprehensive history of your problem/s

Here we work with you to better understand your problem, why it has developed and the impact it has on you currently. Taking a thorough approach early allows us to lay the foundation for us to effectively and quickly treat and manage your condition.


Performing an in-depth physical and movement assessment

Here we are focusing on assessing your problematic areas, evaluating your movement and overall function. Through a thorough assessment, we are quickly able to determine the areas and deficits that need our attention to not only settle things down right now, but also to improve on to prevent the likelihood of further recurrences.


Further investigations or diagnostic testing (if required)

Not necessarily needed for treatment to be performed. However, these can be done when clinically indicated, with bulk billing options available.


Education, treatment and exercise therapy

Once we have a thorough understanding of your problem, the impact it is having and the health goals you’d like to achieve, we will have an in-depth discussion on the treatment options available to suit your needs and resources available. Education is an empowering strategy at our disposal, and we will endeavor to ensure you have a complete understanding of your problem and the things you can do to take back control.

If clinically appropriate, we will commence your care with manual therapy and/or exercise prescription to promote your recovery and rehabilitation.

Friendly male Geelong chiropractor performing a detailed history with female client

Ongoing Care

Progress update

Regular progress updates allow our chiropractors understand your current condition, while also seeing the trajectory your recovery is taking.

Hands-on treatment

Our treatments may include manual adjustments, soft tissue therapies and mobilisations

Rehab and exercise therapy

Combining active strategies like exercises and rehabilitation allows us to progressively improve strength, conditioning and function throughout the body. Ultimately allowing our clients feel, move and function at their best

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