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Our Approach

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Getting You Feeling Better

Initially, rapid pain and symptom relief is often a priority for most. Our Geelong West chiropractor utilises a variety of strategies available to achieve this.

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Getting You Moving Better

Secondly, our chiropractor in Geelong West will aim to restore normal mobility to your joints, muscles and nerves, allowing your body to move easier again.

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Getting You Stronger

Finally, our Geelong West chiropractor wants you to feel confident in your body again, through movement and strengthening.

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What to expect at your Initial appointment

This consultation is all about you, the individual, gaining a complete understanding of your problem and the health goals you would like to achieve.

From there, your Geelong West chiropractor will undertake a comprehensive neuro-orthopaedic evaluation, assess your posture and, if necessary, refer for diagnostic imaging or testing.

Thirdly, your chiropractor will have an in-depth discussion on the nature of your condition and the appropriate treatment options available to you.

Finally, our Geelong West chiropractor will get your road to recovery started with multi-modal management strategies, often including manual “hands-on” and exercise therapies.

spiral pattern, geelong chiropractor, empowered health chiropractic

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What the residents of Geelong West say about us

+ Geelong West chiropractor that listens
+ We providing lasting health outcomes
+ We provide a thorough & holistic approach
+ We will give you the tool & strategies to help yourself
+ We focus on building strength & resiliency in the body
+ We will design an action plan to get you back in control of your health

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    Empowered Health Chiropractic operates in Geelong at 27 Melbourne Rd Drumcondra. Our chiropractor Geelong West is available 6 days per week – Monday-Friday 8-7PM and Saturday 8-12PM.

    We proudly provide chiropractic services to the local areas of Drumcondra, Geelong West, North Geelong, Newtown, Hamlyn Heights, Manifold Heights, Bell Park, Bell Post Hill and the Greater Geelong area. Our Geelong Chiropractors are committed to providing services to the residents of Bell Post Hill in finding long lasting relief from low back pain, neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain, TMJ/jaw pain and other musculoskeletal conditions.

    Empowered Health Chiropractic is located 6 minutes on foot (400m) from the popular Telegraph Hotel, a 6 minutes drive (2km) from the Geelong West Town Hall and a 5 minute drive (1.9km) from the Geelong West Library. We have on-street parking available. We offer flexible appointment times, with late and evening appointments available.

    Facts about Geelong West

    • Geelong West was formly known as Kildare, which was later renamed Geelong West in 1875
    • As of the 2016 consensus, Geelong West had a population of 6,966
    • Surrounding suburbs of Geelong West include Hamlyn Heights, Manifold Heights, North Geelong, Newtown, Drumcondra & Geelong City
    • Pako Festa is a well known annual event promoting cultural diversity in Geelong held on Pakington Street
    • Geelong West is home to two aussie rules football teams, one competing in the Geelong Football League and Geelong District Football League

    A bit about us

    Empowered Health Chiropractic was founded in 2022 by Dr Luka Fantela and his wife, Emma, to meet the growing need for high quality, professional and trusted chiropractors in Geelong West.

    We pride ourselves on raising the benchmark for chiropractic care and delivering a service you can count on. Through a multi-modality, holistic and personalised approach to care, we are able to consistently achieve optimal outcomes with a wide range of muscular, skeletal and nervous system conditions.

    While our team of Geelong West chiropractors see a broad range of musculoskeletal conditions, we have a special interest in spine-related conditions, hip and shoulder conditions, and TMJ disorders

    Our unique approach to chiropractic care often includes a combination of hands-on therapies, education, along with complimentary exercises & rehabilitation to promote better movement and function in the body.

    spiral pattern, geelong chiropractor, empowered health chiropractic

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