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One of the most common questions our Geelong chiropractors get asked by our clients – What can I do to improve my spine health? While there isn’t a simple answer, however, like most facets of our health, consistency plays a large role. While there may be better, or more effective methods, the best method is the one that is sustainable over a lengthy period of time.

In this blog post, our Geelong chiropractors will share the top ways we help our clients with low back pain, upper back pain and neck pain, while ultimately, getting our client’s spines moving, feeling & functioning at their best going forward.

Move well, move often & move variably

Regular movement of the spine is essential in ensuring proper function of the spine, but in the long-term, is vital for spinal health and overall health.

Starting, maintaining & thriving with a regular exercise routine, often a key pillar our Geelong chiropractors educate our clients on.

Once our clients have maintained a regular exercise regime, we may then suggest exposing the body to different movements, exercises or activities to broadened the body and nervous system’s adaptability.

Aiming to promote better muscle, joint and nerve function.

Prioritise sleep

Ensuring your moving and exercising regularly is one thing, prioritising your sleep and recovery is another.

Sleep not only plays a role in our ability to recover stronger, more resilient & robust from exercise, but allows us to be manage, mitigate and buffer the stressors in our lives.

Establishing a regular nightly sleep routine, and ideally, waking up in the morning feeling refreshed is a good sign of quality sleep.

Manage stresses

Now that we know sleep can buffer and mitigate the detrimental effects of sleep, there are other strategies you can employ to reduce the negative impact stress can have on your spine health and health overall.

Increased, sustained levels of stress can increase central nervous system sensitivity, elevate muscle tension and much more, ideally something we want to be able to manage well over our life times.

Regular mediation (look into NSDR or non-sleep, deep rest techniques), engaging in regular social and/or joyous activities, meaningful & purposeful work, formal exercise & physical activity regime, and of course, sleep, are all proven ways to better manage our stress levels.


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