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At Empowered Health Chiropractic in Geelong, our TMJ chiropractors understand the importance of incorporating exercises & rehab within the overall management of TMJ-related conditions.

Supporting our manual therapy strategies with home-based exercises not only enhances treatment outcomes, but also creates self autonomy and independence in managing TMJ-related problems in the future. Essentially, our Geelong TMJ chiropractors want to give our clients the tools and strategies to get back on track and keep themselves there in the future.

The best part, most of the exercises for the TMJ don’t require fancy equipment, gym memberships or take a considerable amount of time to perform. In saying that, our TMJ chiropractors often prescribe small bouts of specific TMJ exercises dispersed throughout the day.

In this blog, our TMJ chiropractor Luka, will demonstrate three types of exercises specific for the TMJ.

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Reduce TMJ muscle tension & improve joint mobility

Retrain muscle function & joint stability

Optimise TMJ muscle & joint function

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