TAC Chiropractic

walking with crutches following an injury

TAC Chiropractic

At Empowered Health Chiropractic, our Geelong chiropractors understand the major impact suffering an injury from a motor vehicle accident can have on our lives, often causing ongoing pain, impairing our movement and stopping us from doing what’s important. That’s why our chiropractors work closely with the TAC to ensure the focus is on getting you out of pain, moving better, and getting back in control of your health.

Empowered Health Chiropractic have helped people recover from a variety of motor vehicle accident injuries through our multi modal approach to care. Often our treatments include chiropractic adjustments, dry needling, exercise rehabilitation, education and guidance back to complete recovery.

With our chiropractic care at our Geelong clinic, we helped our TAC clients recover from –


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