Sports Chiropractic

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Sports Chiropractic

At Empowered Health Chiropractic Geelong, we understand that keeping active can take its toll on the body at times. Whether that be an acute injury on the sporting field, or more of an ongoing injury in the gym or while out running, sporting injuries can present in a variety of ways.

Our Geelong chiropractors are trained to appropriately assess, diagnose and treat a variety of sports and exercise-related injuries. Our team use a variety of orthopaedic assessments, movement evaluations and strength testing to determine problematic areas.

Our team of Geelong chiropractors use a number of methods when treating sports & exercise-related injuries, including manual adjustments, dry needling, soft tissue therapies, exercise & rehabilitation strategies. Our aim is to improve pain, reduce tightness and enhance movement & function throughout the body.

At our Geelong clinic location, our Empowered Health team have experience assisting clients with –

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