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    Our Approach

    Male Geelong chiropractor performing manual chiropractic therapy to head and jaw of female client

    Getting You Feeling Better

    Rapid pain relief is often an initial aim. We have a variety of strategies available for us to achieve this.

    Male Geelong chiropractor performing manual chiropractic adjustment to female client

    Getting You Moving Better

    Restoring mobility to your joints, muscles and nerves, allowing your body to move easier.

    Geelong chiropractor performing rehabilitation and exercise therapy with female client

    Getting You Stronger

    Feel confident in your body again, through building strength, robustness & resiliency.

    Your First Visit

    Your initial appointment is all about YOU, the patient, gaining a complete understanding of the problem, the impact and the goals you’d like to achieve

     We will undertake a thorough assessment, evaluating your muscles, joints and nerves.

    Multi-view Posture analysis

    Refer for diagnostic imaging or testing (if indicated)

    In-depth discussion on the appropriate treatment options available to you, based around the nature of your condition, your health goals and resources available to you.

    Getting your road to recovery started with multi-modal management strategies, often including manual and exercise therapies.




    What Makes Us Different

    +We listen first
    +We focus on lasting health outcomes
    +We take a thorough & holistic approach
    +We will give you the tool & strategies to help yourself
    +We focus on building strength & resiliency in the body
    +We will design an action plan to get you back in control of your health

    Conditions We See

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