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At Empowered Health Chiropractic, our Geelong Chiropractors are often told we are distinct from other health practitioners in the way we assess, treat and manage a variety of muscular, skeletal and nervous system conditions. We are often referred to as multi-modal Chiropractors, meaning we do a variety of strategies to achieve optimal outcomes in pain relief, movement and functional improvements for our patients. While we incorporate traditional chiropractic care, we also utilise a variety of soft tissue therapy, dry needling, exercise and rehabilitation strategies.

Our Geelong Chiropractors understand no two people are the same, having a skillset that reflects the unique needs of each condition and each person has enabled our chiropractors to effectively treat not only the problem at hand, but most importantly, each person individually and specifically.

Our approach has helped individuals with low back pain, neck pain, headaches, TMJ pain, shoulder pain, sciatica, dizziness & vertigo and more.

Strategies we use

Chiropractic adjustments. Effective pain relief, reducing inflammation, improving joint and muscle function

Dry needling. Relieving muscle tension, reducing inflammation & improving pain

Soft tissue therapy. Relieving muscle tension, improving mobility and reducing inflammation

Exercise & rehabilitation therapy. Promote better joint and muscle function, pain relief and overall better health

Education. Understanding your specific condition, activity modifications to reduce symptoms and lifestyle health changes to sustain optimal outcomes

Conditions we see

Low back pain

Neck pain

TMJ disorders & dysfunction

Shoulder pain

Hip pain

Headaches & migraine


Our information:


Location 27 Melbourne Road, Drumcondra, VIC, 3215

Phone (03) 4250 9865 or 0493 760 693





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